Thursday, December 31, 2015


Every year for Christmas J and I drive up to Lincoln, NE on the 23rd to start the celebrations with his side of the family. I didn't get many pictures this year, but it's your typical family Christmas - LOTS of food, and LOTS of drinks. I'm on the water wagon this year, obviously, but it is so much fun to celebrate with the whole family. There's such a special feeling in the air just before Christmas.
It's about a 2.5 - 3 hour drive to Lincoln from where we live and Lucy always comes with us. :) 

 This picture is on Christmas Eve - and this is J's (our) niece, Addie. She was giving her new baby cousin a present - the first baby present! 

 Oh Nebraska! Why are you always so much colder than Kansas? We woke up to this white surprise on Christmas Eve morning. Nobody was expecting the snow, so it made our last minute errands an adventure. 

 Christmas Eve lunch at Granite City. My FAVORITE salad ever is the Asian Chicken Salad. I would eat this salad for dessert - I get it every time I go to Granite City and if I'm driving from KC to Lawrence, sometimes I stop and get one to go. Granite City, if you're reading, please open up a restaurant in Lawrence. I promise to keep you in business ;)

We ran errands all day on Christmas Eve day, then rested up for a couple hours before heading to J's brother's house. Here's J and Lucy - I'm working hard, wrapping presents and drinking hot chocolate.
J's pajama pants

I swear my Mother in Law missed her calling as an interior designer. I love her house and the way she decorates. She really has a great eye - and a shopping problem. I love seeing what's new every time we visit. 

Christmas Eve spread: Prime Rib, Caesar Salad, rolls, veggies and dip, bruschetta fixings, charcuterie board, cream cheese + strawberry habanero jelly. We do two separate Christmas celebrations at J's brother's house and this is the more traditional of the two. The previous night we usually have ahi, scallops, filets, shrimp, etc. I am such a foodie and I can't wait till I can eat raw fish again. 

I don't know where Lucy was when this picture was taken but if she'd seen her dad cuddling another dog, she would've had a fit. This is Oliver. There were two cavalier king charles spaniels in Lincoln as well as Lucy (a cocker spaniel) and the three of them got along so well and were so adorable. Oliver was such a sweetie. 

Here's Lucy and Teddy, my parents' new cocker spaniel. He's a pup so I couldn't get a picture that didn't look like this - Teddy on the move.  I think this is as close as Lucy would let him get to her. This is the only picture I took on Christmas, because at this point I'm so exhausted. We always spend Christmas day with my side of the family. There's brunch at my mom and dad's and then we go to my Aunt's house for Christmas dinner with my extended family. 

Once we get home on Christmas night it always feels like we've been gone for weeks. Does anyone else travel like this for the holidays? I love being able to see everyone, but I'm nervous about next year. Once the baby's here, I'm not sure we'll get to do our Christmas tour of the midwest ;) Hopefully babies travel well??? ;) 

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  1. So fun!!! And your first present for baby boy!!!!! Geee!!!!

    My theory on babies traveling well is its all about your attitude as parents. With Charlie I feel like i ALWAYS stressed out so much about it and he could sense how nervous and tense I was. Now i have pretty low expectations and figure they are not going to sleep as well as at home ever and somehow always surprise me!!! Baby Boy Snyder will be a great traveler!!!

  2. nice photos!