Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Calvin's First Birthday!

This little love muffin turned ONE (!!!) on Thursday, April 27, 2017. I cannot believe a year has gone by since I first laid eyes on this gorgeous boy. He made me a mama and there is nothing more special than that.

I didn't plan his cake smash pictures until a few days before we shot them, so I feel like this is just kind of thrown together. Had I planned it earlier though, I likely would've spent a fortune ordering props on Etsy. I knew I wanted a cake-smash photo shoot, but didn't want to get caught up in a theme or too many details so I'm kind of glad I didn't plan it months in advance. I just wanted some classic pictures that wouldn't go out of style.

So for the props, I did them all myself. Yes, that's right. All.By.Muhself. I am not a DIYer or a crafter. In fact, I am somewhat challenged in the crafts area. For the few crafts I did do, I went to Hobby Lobby. Duh. I bought the supplies to make his banner and stenciled his name onto it with paint. I spray painted a cardboard "1" white, and made his little hat as well. It's amazing what some sticky felt and glitter stickers can do ;) I think it turned out pretty cute and we reused the banner for his party too.

He looks so proud of himself in this picture! 

All the heart eyes!!! 

Mmmmhhhmmm, that cake was good. Jon and I ate the leftovers with wine ;)

And the party fun...
It was cold and rainy on party day, but we still had fun inside! 

Calvin and his Aunt Annie. 

The party was pretty low-key. Our neighborhood crew and some close friends came over for some pulled pork butt sandwiches, (one of Jon's traeger specialties) capri suns, cake and fun! I wish I had more pictures of the day, but it was chaotic and I was chasing my little party animal around the whole time. The pictures of him driving his little train (it's a walker) just crack me up. It's amazing how he's changed and actually "plays" now. Although from the look on his face, playing is serious business.

I didn't get the gold foil "CALVIN" balloons hung, I didn't order enough blue balloons to fill the garage, and I certainly phoned it in on his cake. But, I forgive myself because 1) He's only one so there are plenty of birthday parties to make up for it in the future, 2) He won't remember anyway, and 3) He had already dove face-first into the smash cake and we have those amazing pictures forever. Although it wasn't pinterest-perfect, it was the perfect little first birthday party to celebrate our baby's first year of life and all of the milestones he's passed along the way.

Now, if only I could get him to stay this age forever...

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