Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Happy TUESDAY!! 

Wildfox makes the softest, most cozy sweatshirts ever! I couldn't find these shorts for my widget, but the brand is Sun & Shadow from Nordstrom and you can find them on sale here.  

I purchased this top from Sashy Pants Boutique (@sashypants2 in instagram) and you can get it here for $30. It is so so soft, and I just saw that they came out with a dress version in the same fabric. I scored these cognac (my favorite color!!) sandals from Nordstrom Rack a couple of weeks ago and have worn them non-stop since. 

How cute is this jumpsuit? It is so comfortable too. I bought it a couple of summers ago in Palm Springs. I think it's BCBG or Max Studio. I'm thinking I need a couple more jumpsuits in my closet ;)  Here is the link to my gold cuff. 

I bought these AG jeans at the AG outlet in Vegas in March. They are so comfortable. 

I purchased these jeans at Nordstrom Rack almost a year ago and I am obsessed with this brand. I was just researching them a little more and they are SO cute and extremely affordable! I am in need of some new jeans so some more Vigoss is definitely in my future. 

I just realized my hair looks the same in almost all of these pictures. I think that means it's time to call my hairstylist and book an appointment. I haven't had a cut since the day I went into labor with Calvin (about 13.5 months ago). It's probably time for a little trim ;)

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