Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good Morning! :) Mondays are the worst, they are just absolutely terrible! Can we fast forward to Friday and pretend everything got done this week?? It also doesn't help that I'm coming back from a great weekend of eating amazing food and hanging out at the lake. With that said, here's a look at what J and I did this weekend.

Friday night we stayed home and had this cheese plate for dinner (ish). A glass red for him and rose for me. ;)

When you finish your cheese plate and still want more, this is what happens...Round 2! The most delicious orange tomato and a little more of the best cheddar cheese I've ever purchased/tasted. 

We split this Ribeye for dinner ~ YUM!  

Having a drink on the patio after dinner. We have a tv out here so we end up out on the patio quite often. 

On Saturday we went out on our friend's boat and hung out on the lake all day. My blog name changed, but I'm still living the good life over here ;)

Obsessed with pineapples. Suit is Anthropologie and it's sold out, but it's made by Seafolly Australia. 

We went to one of our favorite places with friends for dinner on Saturday night. Hank Charcuterie is's the shit. It is amazing. This was the Foie Gras torchon that J and I split for an app before the main courses. I love foie gras and this was fantastic! 

My main course was one of the specials that night ~ it was a pork tamale with green chili sauce. DELISH!

Chocolate and Berries  for dessert :) Happy girl here. 

My outfit for a trip to Home Depot on Sunday. We've had rabbits getting into our tomato plants so J spent the better part of Sunday afternoon fencing them out with chicken wire and steaks. I'll be posting on the tomato plants sometime in the near future. 

After Home Depot we stopped at Chili's for some lunch and played some table trivia. Food was great and this little contraption on the table was awesome. Played some trivia for $.99 and tabbed out on it as well. I hate having to wait for the tab when I'm ready to leave so I like the option to tab out myself.

Orange is the new black. These are the most comfortable pants. I fount them at Old Navy a while back and wore them all weekend. I'm not usually one for orange but I am obsessed! 

I didn't take a picture but our dinner on Sunday was a repeat of Friday. A cheese plate and then split a steak for dinner with some veggies. 

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