Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lucy's Makeover! Before and After

Lucy is a tricolor American Cocker Spaniel, which means she is an adorable black and white mix with tan spots. Her tan spots are on the underside of her ears, her eyebrows, some freckles on her face, and underneath her sweet little tail. 

Her hair grows fast and needs lots of brushing or she gets matted. I love having her in the cocker cut, which looks like she's wearing a skirt, but it's not practical for summer. It's not ever really practical for my girl who likes to roll in whatever she can find. Thus, we go with the shave down and ask them to keep her cocker ears long. 

Here is Lucy's "before" picture:

My little monster :)

The hair on her face grows so long between cuts that I do some trimming around her eyes so she can see. You can tell how uneven my cutting is, but it's not an activity she loves. She's getting better every time we do it though. Practice and patience, friends. 

So, without any further ado, here is Lucy's "after" picture:

Long mornings at the spa call for afternoon naps. 

 So pretty! You can really see her tan coloring when she gets groomed. Her freckles in the second "after" picture really stand out. The bows were gone by dinner time. :)

Speaking of the second picture, that empty room in the background is the dining room. J and I moved into this house in March so I think it's time to finally finish out the downstairs. I'm hoping there's a trip to Ikea this weekend to furnish the dining room, but that sounds pretty productive. I think this weekend is looking more relaxing than productive, but I'll let you know how that goes. 

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  1. sweet Lucy! Charlie was reading this with me saying "I want to get that doggy!"

    Love you friend!