Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Here are a few more photos of the grounds at the Parker in Palm Springs...

Vintage Furniture everywhere
Crazy chandeliers and I LOVED these pillows on the velvet yellow sofa.

Random pregnant person in the lobby. HAHA, kidding, she's with me. 

More crazy light fixtures.

This bar in the lobby was really cool. The entire lobby was kind of a lounge area where you could have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Really cool indoor fireplace. 

I'd bet some of this has gone down here before ;)

Cool lounge areas errywhere you look...How sweet is that coffee table?

I really wish I would've gotten a pic of this spot at night, but it looks like such a cool place for a little nighttime campfire.

I can't help but wonder what the water bill here is. SO many gorgeous flowers and foliage. It really was beautiful.

Just chillin' at the lemonade stand. Seriously, how cute is this little spot. It was right outside the adult pool and had lots of tasty drinks, not just lemonade ;)

Self explanatory. One thing I really liked about the pool, and this is random, was the music. Great vibes here. 

Indoor pool at the spa. If you get a service done while you're here, you can use this pool the rest of your stay at the Parker ;) So relaxing!!

I wish I had more pictures of  the spa because it really was beautiful. 

And the nail room... It was adorable!!

So one thing I really regret is that we didn't eat at the property once. I didn't get to try any of the restaurants (there are a couple) and obviously room service as well. Since we were in PS for such a short time, we didn't have a chance to try Norma's or Mister Parker's but I've heard great things about both and will certainly try at least one, if not both, next time.

I said this in my post yesterday, but service is really what stands out for me in a hotel (or anywhere). At the spa, the service was fantastic and everyone at the hotel in general was really nice and friendly. Between the atmosphere, service and amazing decoration, I would highly recommend the Parker to anyone looking for a place to stay in Palm Springs.

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  1. Dying to go to this hotel at some point. It;s just so colorful and looks like a photographers' paradise!


  2. Looks like a great place to stay (LOVE that indoor pool - so gorgeous). I need a PS vacay!


  3. so pretty - great shots, love the hotel bar!
    XO, lauren

  4. I haven't been here but it looks amazing. I really like the funky decor. :]

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  5. that place looks so cool!