Monday, September 28, 2015


One of my favorite things to do is to scope out hotels/resorts, restaurants I want to try, and what activities around the area I want to do. I am a review slut. I read them all! I've read some pretty great reviews of the Parker so when my girlfriend and I were deciding where we wanted to stay in Palm Springs, I was really pulling for the Parker.

My husband and I stayed at the Parker in Santa Monica, California about a year prior to this trip and the Parker Palm Springs was so incredibly different. It is a destination in and of itself. The rates can be kind of pricey so when my girlfriend found a deal for $199/night, (which is basically 1/2 the regular price!!) there was no passing it up. This is the room we were set up with. It had so much personality and was pretty large as well.
Double beds ~ One for me, one for the preggers girl. They don't look so comfortable, but they were! 

 Vintage Furniture, Vintage everything. 
Necessary luggage for one night away... Seriously
Killer Dragon Faucet. The details at the Parker were over the top. #LOVE.

Goodies ~ Really good goodies :) Hermes soap, where am I!?
Hi, I'm a dork. 
I really loved these leather chairs and wanted to bring them home for the office.
One of the details I really loved was the vintage photos in the rooms. That's Mr. Redford up there. 

So that was the room, which was pretty great. The grounds and the main areas of the Parker were even better though. That's a separate post - coming later this week ;) After we got to our room, we changed and got ready to go explore Palm Springs. But not without a really obnoxious picture in front of the Parker first.

There were a few cars in front of this wall when we walked out and immediately when I asked for a picture in front of it, the Valets hopped in the cars and one went backwards out of the frame and one forward. Those valets at the Parker know the drill when a girl asks for her picture. Love that service! And how cute is Jen? She was 6 months pregnant and such a trooper when I made her do ridiculous things like this and snap a billion photos of me. We had such a great time together! 
Our first stop exploring Palm Springs was that Pink Door. Look up #thatpinkdoor or @thatpinkdoor on Insta and you'll see. :) It was a Palm Springs MUST for me. After hitting up this spot we went to find dinner. We happened to be there on a Thursday night and downtown there is a big street fair every Thursday night. There were food vendors of every kind (the smells were amazing) and vendors selling all sorts of things. I had already researched places to eat and I knew there were lots of great spots so we skipped the street vendors and moved on to dinner. I know I'll be back with the hubs someday and that Thursday night street fair would be so up his alley. 

We rode on a little wagon with a bike and the driver pedaled us to our restaurant. We ate at Tropicale and it was fantastic! I had a fried chicken salad (on iceberg instead of mixed greens) and Jen had the fried goat cheese salad. They were both amaze and the waitress was great. The other thing I really loved about this restaurant was the diversity of the menu. They had a little bit of everything and I highly recommend it. There was great music and a great atmosphere as well. Drinks out the outdoor bar is a must. I wish I had taken more pictures, but my phone had died. I did get the below picture of my (awesome) salad on my girlfriend's phone. 

We went to Cheeky's for breakfast and it did NOT disappoint. I had the chilaquiles (add scrambled eggs) and the bacon flight.  Everything was fantastic but the show stopper was the bacon flight. Duh. I really thought the JalapeƱo slice would be my favorite, but the Nodine's Applewood was my fav.

Then, this happened... After breakfast we laid at the pool for a few hours, then headed to the Parker Spa, "Psyc" for pedicures. It has been a while since I've had a pedicure and, girls, this really hit the spot! Why is it that a good spa session can make you feel like a whole new woman
The final stop in Palm Springs was "Great Shakes" downtown. Yes, this was amazing. I got the s'mores shake with extra fudge and asked them to put their salted caramel sauce around the sides of the cup. I don't know what it is, but I am all about marshmallows. Seriously, how cute is this shake? Loved the donut, loved the shake, LOVED PALM SPRINGS!!! Take me back, now!!I have about 16 other pictures of the Parker that I want to share because I thought it was decked out so cute. I'm going to do another post on it, so if you're sick of it already, don't read tomorrow. :) 
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  1. Looks super fun, and I'm jealous of your getaway and your jumpsuit!
    xo, jill