Thursday, September 24, 2015


Just kidding, no deep thoughts here ;) So this is something a little different for my blogitty that I don't usually do, but I can't decide what to do w/ my hair and need some help. These are some screenshots from my phone ~ sorry for not linking the pics!! I just googled ombre hair and looked for really blonde and light ombre looks. Although I have sort of a natural ombre going on right now,  (on accident) I'm thinking about going in and having my stylist professionally complete the look. I am so sick of my current hair, and feel like I've always had long blonde hair. Except for that one time I cut it all off and got addicted to haircuts. It kept getting shorter, and shorter, and shorter.  

Anyway, I am really looking to change things up, although I'm scared out of my mind. Any thoughts on this? Is ombre still in style? I see it everywhere but don't really know how it'd look on me. My stylist thinks I would hate it because I do hate when I have roots showing. I think some of these are kind of close to how it looks now, so maybe this wouldn't be a big enough change. See, I told you this would get deep, haha! 

Love this last photo. I will certainly post pictures of the final look on the blog. Not sure when I'm doing this either, but feel like Fall is the perfect time. 

On another note, I'm in California on vacation right now and can't wait to share all my pictures. Yesterday I had my first In-N-Out Burger experience and I'm probably going to eat there at least one more time this trip. We also hit the outlet stores in the desert on our way here and the stores and deals were amazing!! Here's a pic of what I wore to explore Palm Springs last night. Full posts next week. 

EDIT: I originally wrote this post while on vacation in California, and published it from my phone last Friday morning (September 18, 2015) while in Palm Springs. I had never used the blogger app on my phone before, and when I hit "publish" it wasn't published at the top of my blog with the correct date, it got buried. Buried deep. Anyway, I just wanted to repost it in case anyone wants to give me some feedback on the ombre hair. :) 

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