Monday, December 28, 2015


I love my city's downtown restaurant scene and there is this one particular spot that for some reason never has a restaurant stay for long. I can't understand why because it's a perfect location, has indoor and outdoor space, and windows all around because it's on a corner. 
Well, something did open there and luckily, I got to try it out last week.  On Thursday (12-17-15) it had a soft opening some friends of ours were invited to, and they were nice enough to bring us along. I know we'll be going back soon, and often. It was fantastic and I think we've finally got a restaurant worthy of the location. It's called RND Corner Grille and I am drooling on my desk thinking about how good it was.  
 This is the carpaccio and it was some of the best I've had - yes, I've had lots. I love it! It wasn't completely raw, it was lightly seared (I believe) and it had really great flavor. Can't wait to go back when I'm not pregnant so I can shovel even more in my mouth. :)

The calamari was also really good. I loved it, but I love everything. My husband is kind of a calamari snob and he really liked this style (calamari steak) over the regular curly kind. 
 My husband had the boneless ribeye and it was great. He normally never orders steak at restaurants because he says he can make a better steak at home and most restaurants ruin the cut, but he said this was great (and ate every bite). I loved the crispy onions and the jus ;)
 This is my roasted salmon sandwich, which was fantastic. I didn't eat it all in one sitting (I'm always the slowest eater at my table) and the second half was just as good (if not better, crazy when that happens) microwaved the next day for lunch. I used to be obsessed with a salmon wrap from a restaurant called Boozefish in Westport (KC, MO) and this reminded me SO MUCH of that wrap. It was fantastic with the salmon and red onions, aioli, and arugula...mmmmmmmmm. Seriously. Now I'm craving this. It's probably my new go to salmon dish. 

There were so many other things on the menu at RND Corner Grille that looked awesome, such as the Tuna Poke, Tater Tots, Caprese Salad, Brussel Sprout Salad, Crab Cake, I could go on. I did try the baby spinach salad (not pictured) and it was also really good. I am super excited about this place so if you're in Lawrence, or you're in KC and need a good date night, this is your spot. 

On Saturday I went in to Kansas City to finish up my Christmas shopping and to get lunch and see a movie with my sister. First of all, I got to see my parents' new puppy, Teddy. 

How cute is Teddy!!!? He looks like such a little teddy bear and he's wearing the cutest Christmas sweater...even though it was about 60 degrees that day ;) Please don't mind me, I rolled out of bed, dove into my car and headed straight to the mall.

My sister and I went to lunch at Paulo and Bill's and then to see the new Tina Fay and Amy Poehler movie, Sisters. Makes sense, right? The movie was okay - Tina and Amy are always really funny. Lunch was great! Is anyone surprised my favorite thing to do now that I'm prego is eat? I think it's always been my favorite past time, but now I treat every meal like an event. I think about food a lot.  

I didn't get a picture of the Phyllo Shrimp before we ate the first two, but this was really good! It was phyllo dough filled with chipotle cream cheese (YUM!!) w/ shrimp and a mango/onion salad on top. Delish!

This is the pizza classica, (minus the mushrooms b/c my sister's a total wimp about food) which we shared and it was awesome. Exactly what the doctor ordered before the movie. 

I have no idea why, but I never really dined at Paulo and Bill prior to a few months ago. It opened when I was in middle school, I think, and my first time going was with my girlfriends back in October (2015). I don't know why it took me so long to go here, but I'm hooked now (that I live 45 minutes West of it). Of course I never tried it when I lived down the street. 

Sorry for the random restaurant post. It's just what I'm really into these days as all my clothes are starting to look strange on my big belly. I'd rather post pictures of my meals apparently. 

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