Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

Why do the weekends go by so fast? Ours consisted of a few of my fav things: friends and food. My husband gets so embarrassed when I take pictures of EVERYTHING, but now I have a place to put all those pictures so they don't die in my camera roll.

I ordered this tuna sandwich on Thursday night from one of our fav restaurants on Mass. St., Limestone Pizza. It was delish! Everything on the menu at this place is great and I love sitting at the bar and watching them make the pizzas in the limestone oven. 

Little cocktail action at 715. This is another favorite restaurant of mine and this little concoction is the "Basil Ricky." #chuggedit

Friday night we had some friends over for a little backyard bbq. How cute is their son, Holden?

There was definitely some napping going on at our house this weekend...

Little date night dinner on Saturday at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Six Mile Tavern.

At our friend's wedding, waiting for the ceremony to begin. 

On Sunday we worked during the day and ran errands, but our neighbors stopped by that evening with some watermelon and their baby! #lovethesuburbs Having cool neighbors is great because you get to have little impromptu parties! And how cute is  little Knox? 

Remember this gorgeous bright blooming basket of flowers I took home from the farmer's market just a week ago?

Well it's dying! I am trying my best to save it, but only time will tell. :( It's not looking good.

Have I mentioned my husband is basically a gourmet chef? I eat pretty darn well over here. Sunday night dinners are da best! This is ribeye with caramelized onions, some healthy greens, and brussels w/ bacon and bleu cheese (my very favorite food right now is brussel sprouts). And a splash of red wine ;)

It was a really relaxing weekend. Only 3 days until the next one! 

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